We Began By Solving a Problem

Dynamic Automotive Solutions was born out of necessity. While working to equip a mobile calibration company with necessary tooling, we found that there were massive product shortages for even some of the most basic of calibration tools.

It became our mission to make sure that those who needed the right tools had them. Of course, we know that over time, equipment will change as advanced driver assistant systems mature. As new technology is released, we continue to adapt with an eye towards the future.

Why Use Dynamic?

Dynamic Automotive Solutions ensures you have the help you need, when and where you need it, by providing U.S. based support.

In addition, our concierge service includes same day/next day turn around on most solutions and transparent pricing. Should you need a replacement part, we ship using Next Day Air, and include a free return label for your convenience.

We are also fully committed to our training program, coming soon to serve you.

Dynamic Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Support

IT Diagnostic Support

Tiered levels of support

Updating windows and other necessary programs

Assisting with connection issues between the laptop and interface

Registration issues with interfaces

Registration issues with OE software

Anti-virus support

Automotive Diagnostic Support

Remote assistance for the navigation of OE tools

Remote electrical diagnostic support

Aiding in the research of repair process where applicable

Programming/Coding support

ADAS Calibration support